Does Mr. Kleen dry every car?
Yes! It has always been a big part of Mr. Kleen’s “Fast, Friendly, First Class Service” since 1997 and will never change.

Do you need an appointment for an oil change?
No. Our Mobil 1 Lube Center technicians are so fast and we have 4 bays that most days there is very little wait time and the lube only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Can you detail my car?
No. But, you can get an automatic wash at the Alderwood Mr. Kleen, and use our self-serve vacuum kiosks and upholstery cleaner. Our Lynnwood station also has vacuum kiosks.

How can I save on my fuel purchase?
You can save 10 cents on your gas with a car wash purchase. Using you Kickback card will earn you 2 cents per gallon on your Kickback card that you can spend at any 76 station on any item. Apply for a 76 credit card and you can earn 10 cents for 90 days if you purchase over 45 gallons of gas per month.

Do I need quarters for the self-serve wash and vacuum?
No! We have a bill changer at the self-serve wash at the Lynnwood Mr. Kleen and our cashiers will gladly make change for you. You can also use Visa, MC, American Express & Discovery at the fuel pumps, the self-serve car wash and the vacuum and upholstery cleaner kiosks.

Do you have Mobil Pay?
Yes. Download the My 76 app on your smart phone and you can tie Mobil Pay to a 76 or Chase credit card and then use your phone for all secure payments. Your Kickback rewards can be included. Additional cards will be added eventually.

I need a car wash and a lube!
Great! Our lubes come with a free car wash, cup of coffee or fountain drink. If the day is rainy or you are short of time, you can get a rain check on your car wash and come back anytime.

Where is the café?
Mr. Growler’s Café is located inside our Alderwood Mr. Kleen on 19611 Alderwood Mall Pkwy, Lynnwood. Park your car anywhere and come on in. did you know we bake our bread fresh daily for our Signature Sub Sandwiches and use real eggs for all breakfast items?

How can I apply for a job at Mr. Kleen?
Click the “Contact Us” segment of this website, fill out an application and answer the interview questions. We welcome happy, customer focused people to the Mr. Kleen Team.

What is the largest vehicle you can wash?
Our automatic tunnel washes have a height limit of 6’11”. Our self-serve wash at the Lynnwood station on 19907 44th Av. W. in Lynnwood, height maximum is 13’6” and will handle large tour buses!

What car racks are permissible in the car wash?
Please check the car wash section of our website for photos and explanations.

I wash my car in the driveway.
It’s not because our business is washing cars, but it is better environmentally to have your car washed by Mr. Kleen. Our washes usually use less water and less chemicals. And lead, phosphates, motor oil and antifreeze will not poison our clean waters by going into the storm drains. It is best to wash your car whenever it is dirty. Purchase a monthly car wash pass and you can always keep your vehicle clean!

Can I call in a pick-up order for Mr. Growler’s Café?
Absolutely! 425-774-8200, ext 3. The Café team will take your order and have it ready for you in a few minutes. They will keep your hot food in the warmer until you arrive.

I need gas, a car wash, vacuum, upholstery cleaned, an oil change, something to eat, wine, dog food, toothpaste, a phone charger and a bathroom!
One stop shopping at our Alderwood Mr. Kleen! Our Express Market carries nearly 4000 items. We carry a large variety of wine and imported beer. Our Mr. Growler’s Café serves fresh hot and cold items from mini pizza to breakfast sandwiches, salads and growlers. And our bathrooms are immaculate and very posh. We have it all!

Please, feel free to contact us if we have not answered your question.

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